This year, Colquitt County’s Archway Professional Sarah Adams will be along for the ride. It seems like she has been here for years already because of the quick impact she has made but this is her first year of eligibility for the tour and she’s excited to see so much of the variety of the work that UGA does to help Georgians.

Follow along all week to see what Sarah and the rest of faculty are up to!

Day 5:

Port of Savannah

We got to tour one of the largest port facilities in the nation today. Savannah’s port is the largest exporter of poultry in the U.S.

About 1000 trucks move through every hour to transport cargo and they have nearly 1 crane for every truck. The average truck gets in and out of their facility in 52 minutes. The harbor cranes are HUGE! (See photo)

有一个$ 1B美元的港口深化项目现在发生的事情让船只携带数千标准箱(20英尺当量单位,也就是通常你看到18个两轮车携带的物品)进港每年可节省数百万美元。 UGA的特里学院每年都会为他们进行影响的研究。他们也做研究,以尽量减少与该项目的负面环境影响。


We got an opportunity to tour the Gulfstream facility (no cameras allowed). Our guide allowed us to explore a cockpit simulator. Turns out not all buttons are sims… there’s a big red one that’s a real fire extinguisher. I reached for that one and got in trouble. 😬 Oops!!! Thankful for an observant tour guide and quick reflexes.

Gulfstream got started in 1967 with just 100 employees and gained a few thousand within a few years. Learned one must be a billionaire to own one of their planes…it takes about $300k to fill with fuel each time.

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Back to Athens…


Day 4:

University of Georgia Tifton campus

Today we discovered that the infamous gnats we swatted away all morning brew in sandy soil, so since the fall line shows where the landscape was underwater hundreds of years ago, it explains why this campus has gnats and Griffin does not.

Did you know that 70% of peanut genetic strands are from Georgia?
We got to see a drone demonstration while on the field. Drones help UGA faculty assess crop health, make diagnoses and monitor how treatments are working.

There once was a terrible virus that came into the area and had the potential to wipe out all peanuts in the state. Agriculture agents stopped what they were doing and poured time and resources to fight this threat and with the introduction of new genetics, were able to save this important crop!

We also got to hear from local legislators:
Sam Watson, the representative from my community of Moultrie, talked about the importance of buying local. “Your food is safe! When products come in from other places, we don’t know how safe they are… If you don’t buy Georgia Grown, please at least buy American grown. That helps a lot.”





Appling County: Appling Leads

When asked what participants learned the most from this program or how it’s helped the community, responses were:
“To grow a community to be viable, you have to have a good leadership pipeline.”

“Meeting and gathering with my classmates every month helped me see the needs of our community as well as see what resources we had available.”

“We love working with youth towards tomorrow… we’ve worked on “Junior Statesman” and they (junior and senior high school students) learn about entities locally, how they govern, and then students get to see council and commissioner meetings play out. Appling Leads helped connect the gap here locally.”

“You learn who works where, who does what, and who needs a set of extra helping hands. Small business working relationships, generating new ideas and multitasking, are all components of the leadership program.”

Benefits to living in small community: travel to anywhere in just a few minutes, no traffic, short commute, partner with schools to show upcoming workforce what good jobs are available, go travel the world or explore big cities if you want, but remember the kind of life you can have at home.

Marine Extension


Day 3:

Pinewood Studios

They have the largest purpose-built studio in North America.
Fayette County has seen huge tax benefits from this industry- climbing from $10k in 2013 to $400k in 2018. The Fayette BOE receives most of those monies.
In the first 35 years, Georgia did $5 Billion in movie/film production. Last year alone we did $2.5 Billion. We have grown exponentially with major tax breaks for film companies. Georgians made up 98% of the Walking Dead cast!

How did this change happen?
1. Film tax credit – Film tax credit is up to 30%. Twenty percent is given to production companies up front with a $500k spending minimum. The remaining 10% is given at the end of production.
2. Infrastructure – Georgia has mountains, coastline, and big and small towns… just about anything a storyteller would want to make a production!
3. Workforce – We had 455 productions last year in Georgia alone, creating many different types of jobs for Georgians.

Faculty got a chance to be a part of the action! We were walked through all the components of a production that involved a quick scene. Roles assigned ranged from actors and makeup artists to grips and sound crew specialists.

We also got a bus tour of their facilities where 2 major blockbuster movies are currently being filmed, but due to a confidentiality agreement, we cannot share details.

UGA Griffin campus

Dr. Kirk Kealey

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Macon and Hawkinsville

Karla Redding, Otis Redding’s daughter, takes care of the Redding foundation. At the end of a long day, tired from working with children, she will go home and play “Try a little tenderness” – one of her late father’s famous songs.


Day 2:

Shaw Industries

肖在道尔顿最大的雇主之一。没有手机或照相机允许的工厂参观。这就像从电视节目“它是如何制造”的一个插曲。了解到纱线如何编织成背衬,然后如何粘合剂被施加到基底。然后学习了一些订单怎么会有泡沫和/或应用苏格兰后卫。 “滚动椅”测试被施加到每一批到簇绒地毯和地板质量。实际的加权轧制椅子帧在从批量地板为10,000转的正方形样品机器人通过。样本也浸泡24小时水和超加热来测试肿胀或卷曲。

Ebenezer Baptist Church


State Capitol

We got a first-hand experience as a representative at the Senate. Austin Scott made an unexpected appearance, early for his meeting, and took a moment to motivate us as leaders for the next generation. I also got to meet CVIOG’s Dr. Laura Meadows who was involved in Hawkinsville’s branding project!




Day 1:

Jaemor Farms

Jaemor Farms features 80 acres of pumpkins and is busy from April until November picking produce. They plant strawberries in September/October – some 1,700 strawberry plants per acre – to sell April-June. Strawberries have an 8 week window to pick.

The farm’s name is derived from Jae= Echols’ initials; Mor= first three letters of wife’s name.

“The more weird, the more better!” Echols explains customers are willing to pay much more of unique looking fruit, such as pumpkins with extra bumps, colors, etc.

Three Sisters Winery

We enjoyed the Three Sisters Winery。 UGA一直是它们成功的重要资源。没有业主/运营商在葡萄种植或oneology(葡萄酒和葡萄酒酿造的研究)的背景。我们从格鲁吉亚唯一viniculturist谁帮助车主生产出最好的葡萄,他们希望使葡萄酒听到。气候是酿酒的重要部分。温度,湿度,土壤质量等都会影响葡萄树的健康。 UGA公共服务代理还有助于识别和治疗真菌和细菌的痛苦,保证一年后健康的作物年度。

Those green grapes are the Pinot grapes they use to create wine- they were surprisingly sweet, though small and seeded.

Amicalola Lodge

So I had to sit on the floor for this one. It is a HUGE map of the entire Appalachian Trail.






Last stop: Amicalola Falls

Has 3 cascades, 729 ft total
Tallest waterfall east of Mississippi
Josh Cordele – Parks and Rec Manager – talked about the local fauna and flora, including the infamous poison ivy that we were all standing near.
604 total stairs – I’m sure this is a lie. I counted 1,765,234. 😂

It was a steep climb, but I made two new buddies. In the pink is Katie Higgins. She works for the Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant. We will visit her stomping grounds in Savannah later this week.

In the light green is Rebecca Wells. We found out that our backgrounds are very similar. She is faculty at the College of Public Health and is also over the dual social worker program there. The College opened the MPH/MSW degree during my last year there as a student.